Sensational Social Media Fame

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The meteoric rise of Jafar Karayil from a villager to one of the most acceptable social media faces in Dubai. From humble beginnings, Jafar Karayil is now followed by thousands on all platforms and people are waiting to watch what he says. His success was not gifted but was molded through his hard work and dedication during his tough time. From the ashes of Covid pandemic he started his own social media channel called "Gulf Vartha" on Facebook, then gradually grew in Instagram & Tik Tok too. he started telling real life and how to come back from this difficult time. His ideas were shared to millions and he became a hope for many needy expatriate Malayalee living in Gulf countries and in India. He took advantage of every opportunity that came his way and worked hard to create a successful brand name in social media as "Gulf Vartha".

All major brands are waiting for him to collaborate with and by this time he has done hundreds of noticeable promotional videos for world class brands like TILAL PROPERTIES, DANUBE HOMES, LULU INTERNATIONAL, RED TAPE etc.